Features of the EAC marking

The EAC mark is applied to products that have received a certificate. Without such marking it is impossible to import or export products.

What does EAC mean?

                 EAC is an abbreviation which means “Eurasian conformity”. These letters mark products that have passed the checks established by the technical regulations of the Customs Union and meet all the requirements for this type of goods. The main criterion by which products are evaluated is safety. The marking is applied to goods produced in the territory of the Customs Union and imported from abroad.

Appearance and EAC marking requirements

                The EAC mark consists of the Latin letters “E”, “A” and “C”, depicted in the same color scheme using lines and right angles, having the same dimensions and together forming a square. Symbols can be applied on a contrasting or light background.

                The minimum size must be at least 5 mm and is independently determined by the person who has received permission to apply it, provided that it is clearly visible and clearly distinguishable on the package. There are no legal restrictions on the maximum size. The marking is to be applied both to a separate unit of production and to the general packaging, and is also indicated in the accompanying documentation.

                The location of the sign for each product is prescribed in the technical regulations and must be strictly observed. It is forbidden to apply extraneous markings resembling the EAC mark to the product, if they can mislead with their similarity to it.

Which products must have the EAC mark?

                The list of goods that must be certified in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union includes:

  1. tobacco products;
  2. railway and transport;
  3. furniture;
  4. small boats;
  5. food products;
  6. household appliances.

How to avoid labeling problems

                During preparation for the certification procedure or the declaration of product, it is necessary to clearly define the information that must be indicated. The certifier must check the label and indicate if there are any defects, after which the sample label is sent to the seller for application to the package.

                 It is very important to ensure that the packaging of the product does not contain extraneous marks that may have remained from past shipments, which happens when it is reused. It is possible to check the presence of labeling of goods and its application in the customs warehouse in the event that the declaration for them has not yet been filed. This is associated with additional costs, but can prevent further difficulties when there is no confidence in the good faith of the seller.                EAC marking https://mastcert.com/eac-marking-meaning/ facilitates trade between the states of the Customs Union. It confirms that the product has been tested in accordance with the requirements of the applicable technical regulations, is safe for humans and the environment.

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