TR CU 019/2011

On the safety of personal protective equipment


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TR CU 019/2011

Technical regulation of the Customs Union 019/2011 “On the safety of personal protective equipment” applies to all, without exception, personal protective equipment that was not previously released into circulation on the territory of the Customs Union (new PPE).

Types of PPE covered by TR CU 019/2011:

  1. PPE against mechanical stress (protective clothing, shoes, gloves, helmets, goggles, face shields, etc.).
  2. PPE from chemical factors (insulating suits, respiratory protection, etc.).
  3. PPE from radiation factors (insulating suits for protection of skin and respiratory organs, protective equipment for eyes, hands and face from ionizing radiation).
  4. PPE from high and / or low temperatures (protective clothing against thermal radiation, protective equipment for hands and feet from low temperatures, etc.).
  5. PPE against thermal risks of an electric arc, non-ionizing radiation, electric shock, as well as from the effects of static electricity (special protective clothing and hand protection against thermal risks of an electric arc, etc.).
  6. Special signal clothing of increased visibility.
  7. Comprehensive personal protective equipment.
  8. PPE dermatological.

A complete list of types and groups of goods subject to CU TR 019/2011 can be found in Appendices 1 and 2 to the regulation.

When using and applying PPE for its intended purpose, they must ensure:

• The required level of protection of human life and health from harmful substances;
• No risk of situations that can lead to hazards;
• The required level of protection of human life and health from the dangers arising from the use of PPE.

Confirmation of PPE compliance with the requirements of regulation 019/2011 can be in one of two forms:

• Declaration (First class – PPE of simple design, protecting against harm with minimal risks. Declaration schemes – 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D).
• Certification (Second class – PPE of complex design, protecting against death and harm with serious risks to the life and health of the user. Certification schemes – 1C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C).

The Declaration and Certification Schemes are described in detail and specified in Appendix 4 to TR CU 019/2011.

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The list of documents required for registration of the Declaration and Certificate in accordance with TR CU 019/2011 “On the safety of personal protective equipment”:

• Application
• Name, specifications, description of PPE, operational documents
• Applicant information and manufacturers
• Test report
• For scheme 6C, it is additionally required to provide a Certificate of Conformity of the management system.

The MASTSERT team is ready to help you with the preparation of all the necessary documents to confirm the compliance of PPE with the requirements of regulation 019/2011

The technical regulations of the Customs Union 019/2011 (TR CU) define quality parameters for personal protection equipment. The use of gloves, shoes, special uniforms, hats, as well as the necessary accessories will ensure safe work in the production of any direction. The safety PPE certificate is provided to confirm the compliance of products with the requirements of the current regulation. A step-by-step procedure with a complex of studies is assumed, after the positive results of which a permit document for the release, trade and import of products can be issued.

Obtaining confirmation of the safety of personal protection equipment

All products are checked for compliance with TR CU 019/2011 norms, after that a declaration or certificate can be issued. The specific form and assessment schemes are selected according to the type and classification of personal protection equipment. The declaration is relevant for checking accessories belonging to the 1st protection class. These are products used to ensure the health and life of people due to exposure to certain threats.

The certificate is issued for personal protection equipment for products of the 2nd hazard class. These are more complex technical structures, and their main purpose is to provide protection against serious threats.

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