EAEU TR 031/2012

On the safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and trailers for them


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This technical regulation establishes requirements that are mandatory. The requirements apply to wheeled and tracked agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailers.
EAEU TR 031/2012 is valid throughout the entire territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.
The requirements of TR EAEU 031/2012 apply to tractors and trailers with a design speed of at least 16 km/h. The requirements also apply to newly manufactured and imported components of tractors and trailers.

The list of components that are subject to TR EAEU 031/2012 is given in Appendix 1 to this regulation.

This technical regulation does not apply to:

  • small-sized tractors and trailers for them;
  • special purpose trailers;
  • trailer chassis;
  • tractors, trailers and components for them that were put into circulation before the entry into force of EAEU TR 031/2012.

Technical Regulation 031/2012 also addresses the technical requirements for the marketing and safety of tractors and their components.

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Confirmation of compliance with the requirements of these technical regulations is carried out in the form of Certification, after passing tests in an accredited laboratory.

Certification according to EAEU TR 031/2012 takes place according to one of the following schemes:

  • 1C, 2C, 3C or 4C – tractors, trailers or components for them;
  • 1C or 2C – tractors, trailers or their components that are mass-produced;
  • 3C or 4C – for batch production of tractors, trailers or their components.

To obtain Certification, the applicant or his representative must provide the following package of documents:

  • Application;
  • Technical description of the tractor or trailer;
  • Technical description of the components in general;
  • Manual;
  • A copy of the Quality Management Certificate (Scheme 2C);
  • A copy of the audit report of the quality management system (Scheme 2C);
  • Commodity distribution documentation (scheme 3C, 4C);
  • A copy of the agreement with the manufacturer;
  • Information about the registration or account number of the applicant.

Additionally, the following documents may be needed:

  • Protocol on passing tests in an accredited laboratory;
  • Notification of type approval;
  • Certificates of compliance with individual requirements of these technical regulations.
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