Certification of meat products


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Certification of meat products

The procedures for declaration and certification of meat products to be sold in the territory of the Russian Federation and the EAEU are designed to confirm the quality and safety of the goods – compliance with the requirements of the current technical regulations.

Each company (or individual entrepreneur) intending to have own production, import or sale of meat products must undergo inspection and obtain permits.


The main technical regulations of the Customs Union, under which meat and meat products fall:

034/2013 concerning the properties and safety of a wide range of meat products – semi-finished products, canned meat products, sausages, smoked meats (with the exception of products made from poultry meat);

021/2011 – defines general safety criteria for the entire range of products, nutrition, including poultry meat products;

022/2011 – regulates the rules for packaging and labeling of goods from the category of food products;

029/2012 – applies to products that contain food additives – flavors, dyes, preservatives, stabilizers.

Features of registration of permits.

Below are the ways of confirming the compliance of goods with standards and requirements by obtaining a certain type of documents:

  • SRC (State Registration Certificate), or SGR.

State registration is prescribed for new types of meat products, the sale of which has not been carried out before. The second option is products from the category of baby food. The validity of the certificate of state registration is not limited. The need for re-obtaining may be due to changes in applicable legislation or process adjustments;

  • Declaration of conformity.

It is issued for all types of meat products intended for adult population.

Certification of meat and meat products can be carried out according to one of the possible schemes that relate to single batches of goods or mass production of products.

During the verification according to the declaration scheme for serial production, production control may be provided, as well as the need to provide a certificate confirming the implementation of the HACCP safety management system at the enterprise. The maximum validity period of the declaration is 5 years.

  • Certificate of passing a veterinary evaluation.

The document must be issued by an individual entrepreneur whose activities are related to unprocessed meat products.

In addition to mandatory permits, any manufacturer, supplier or seller of meat products, regardless of their type and method of production, has the right to initiate voluntary certification of meat products. The procedure is designed to confirm that the product complies with state standards or specifications.

Certificate for meat products issued in the GOST R system helps to stand out from competitors, emphasize the strengths of the product, which contributes to an increase in consumer demand, and also makes it possible to participate in government tenders and conclude contracts for wholesale supplies.

Required documents.

To successfully pass the mandatory inspection for compliance with TR CU, it is required to submit:

  • copies of certificates of state registration (TIN, OGRN);
  • full name, detailed product description;
  • regulatory documentation on the basis of which the goods is produced (GOST, TU);
  • label layout;
  • QMS certificate (if available).

If a product of foreign origin is declared, additional information about the manufacturer, invoice, supply contract, contract specification will be required.

Compliance confirmation procedure.

Evaluation activities are carried out in a certain order:

  1. Submission of application of the standard form to certification body.
  2. Mandatory documents handover for evaluation.
  3. Product identification, selection of a suitable scheme, determination of main regulation.
  4. Collection and transfer of prototypes for testing and examination.

Registration of permit document is completed by its registration in unified register.

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