TR CU 030/2012

On the requirements for lubricants, oils and special fluids


Required field

Technical regulation 030/2012 applies to lubricants (including oils of organic origin), oils and special fluids, used lubricants, oils and special fluids, as well as products that have been obtained as a result of the processing of used products.

List of products covered by TR CU 030/2012:

Lubricants and lubricating oils of natural origin:

  • motor oils;
  • transmission oils;
  • hydraulic oils;
  • industrial oils;
  • compressor oils;
  • turbine oils;
  • oils anticorrosive;
  • base oils.

Special Fluids:

  • coolants;
  • brake fluids.
  • Waste products.

List of products not covered by TR CU 030/2012:

• Products supplied under the state defense order;
• Products supplied for export outside the EAEU;
• Products stored in organizations that ensure the safety of the state material reserve;
• Oils of vegetable and animal origin;
• Products obtained as a result of high-temperature distillation of coal tar;
• Products that do not belong to the concepts of “oil”, “lubricant”, “special fluid” established by Article 2 TR CU 030/2012.

According to regulation 030/2012, each batch of lubricants, oils and special liquids that is put into circulation and (or) is in circulation must have a quality certificate (clause 3.4. TR CU 030/2012) and a chemical product safety certificate (p 3.5. TR CU 030/2012).

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Before being put into circulation, products must undergo a mandatory procedure for confirming compliance with the Declaration form, schemes 1D and 2D (Appendix 4 to TR CU 030/2012).

Before confirmation of conformity, a product identification procedure is carried out.

To pass confirmation of compliance with the requirements of TR CU 030/2012, the applicant must provide a complete set of documents:

• Application
• Specifications (if any)
• Contract and distribution documentation (scheme 2D)
• Quality Management System Certificate (if available)
• Product quality passport
• Product Safety Data Sheet
• Test success reports
• Copy of the applicant’s registration documents
• Certificates of conformity, which are also issued by foreign certification bodies (if any).

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