Packaging certification: what you need and how to get it

Packaging certification is the process of assessing the quality of packaging materials in accordance with the requirements of TR CU 005 2011. Manufacturers who use packaging for any type and type of product must necessarily undergo certification.

What types of packaging are subject to declaration of conformity

There are 3 types of packaging for which a declaration of conformity is required:

  1. Production packaging (pallets and trays). It is used in factories and factories.
  2. Consumer packaging (bags, canisters, bottles, cans, etc.) It is designed to ensure the safety of goods.
  3. Transport packaging. It is used during the transportation of different groups of products.

There are additional requirements for polymer packaging in the technical regulations. They are tested for tightness, resistance to hot water, mechanical strength. TR CU 005 does not apply to packages for dangerous goods, medical devices, medicines and tobacco products.

Certificate features

If an entrepreneur has not issued a permit, or his products do not meet the requirements of the TR CU, he is threatened with administrative penalties: fines, seizure of goods, freezing of activities. Repeat offenders face more severe penalties.

For packaging for food products (including baby food and toys, perfumes, cosmetics) only test reports obtained with the help of an accredited testing laboratory can be used as evidence.

Before the packaging is released into circulation, the manufacturer or importer shall affix a single mark of product circulation.

Appearance and content of the declaration

The declaration is made on behalf of the applicant on a plain A4 form. It includes the following information:

  • Serial number of the declaration;
  • Recipient company name, address;
  • Product name and TN VED codes of products (sometimes, if the declaration is made for several products at once, the range of packaging materials is put in the application sheet);
  • Number of test reports, name and registration number of the laboratory;
  • Date of issue, validity period.

Validity periods

The packaging declaration is issued for up to five years. The validity period depends on the chosen declaration scheme.

If the entrepreneur declares a batch of goods or a single product, then the document is not limited by the period of use. As for the certificate of state registration, it is valid indefinitely.

The resulting permit allows the entrepreneur to freely conduct his business on the territory of Russia and the EAEU.

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