Certification of bags


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Certification of bags

For production and sale of goods on the territory of the Russian Federation and the EAEU, entrepreneurs are required to obtain a declaration or certificate for bags, knapsacks, briefcases, purses and suitcases. This is necessary to confirm the compliance of goods with the standards established by the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

According to the established requirements, for all types of bags, briefcases, knapsacks, purses and suitcases, a mandatory TR CU declaration is required. In addition, the entrepreneur has the right to conduct voluntary certification of his products, which will serve as an additional confirmation of its quality.

Regulatory framework.

Confirmation of the quality of goods throughout the EAEU is carried out in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations (TR CU). All bags, backpacks, briefcases, suitcases and handbags are subject to two TR CU: 017/2011 and 007/2011.

All types of bags, briefcases, knapsacks, backpacks, purses and suitcases are subject to TR CU 017/2011, which regulates the requirements for all products belonging to the category of light industry. This includes leather, leatherette, textiles, knitwear, felt, synthetic fabrics and non-woven materials.

Bags, satchels and backpacks intended for children of school age, regardless of the material from which they are made, are subject to TR CU 007/2011, which establishes safety requirements for all children’s products.

This means that all types of bags intended for the adult population must be assessed only according to TR CU 017/2011. School bags, backpacks and any other children’s bags are tested immediately according to two technical regulations – TR CU 017/2011 and TR CU 007/2011.

Why do you need EAC declaration of conformity for bags.

The Declaration of Conformity is the main document confirming the quality of bags on the territory of the EAEU. All bags that are produced or sold on the territory of the EAEU are subject to mandatory declaration in accordance with the requirements of the TR CU. This requirement is established in Article 11 of TR CU 017/2011 and Article 12 of TR CU 007/2011.

The production, import and sale of bags without a declaration is illegal. For non-compliance with the requirements of the law, an entrepreneur can receive a large monetary fine. It is also possible confiscation of existing goods and a ban on further activities.

Procedure and terms of registration.

Declaration and certification of bags is carried out in a strictly established manner. First, the applicant will need to contact the certification center, where specialists will determine the type of product and select a declaration scheme. Registration of declarations for serial production or import of goods takes place according to the schemes 1D and 3D, the document of conformity is issued for 3 years. Single consignments of goods are declared according to the 2D scheme, the validity of the document in this case is no more than 1 year.

To confirm the quality of products, it is required to conduct laboratory tests of product samples. Depending on the scheme, the examination is carried out in an accredited or independent laboratory. When declaring or certifying bags imported from abroad to the EAEU countries, you first need to import samples of goods for laboratory examination and obtaining a conformity document. Only after that it is possible to start importing large lots for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation or the EAEU.

What documents are required for certification of bags.

• registration documents of the company;

• bank details of the applicant company;

• data on the manufacturer of the goods;dec

• description of products with HS codes;

• regulatory and technical documentation;

• protocol of laboratory examination or product samples;

• samples of packaging and labeling;

• supply contract and invoice – for importers;

• other documents confirming the quality of the goods.

The term for issuing compliance documents usually takes no more than 2-3 weeks.

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