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SGR Hygiene Certificate

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Certificate of state registration (SGR) is a permissive document that confirms that the product fully complies with the requirements of safety and quality of Rospotrebnadzor. The SGR appeared at formation of the Customs Union, which marked the beginning of action of new regulations and simultaneously abolished the sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, which were practiced before. The certificate of state registration is perpetual and valid on the whole territory of the Customs Union. The SGR can be issued for a substance, device, material or device. The certificate of state registration is issued by authorized officers of Rospotrebnadzor.

Our experts will help you quickly obtain the certificate of state registration. You provide the minimum package of documents and we begin to work without prepayment. For 7 years, we have issued 14,000 documents for 3 500 companies from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The purpose of state registration was approved by The 621st Commission of the Customs Union. Document on typical schemes of conformity assessment allows you to provide consumers with safe products that are supplied or produced in the territory of the Customs Union. Almost each type of product must be tested to prove whether the product satisfies the quality and safety standards. If the products are successfully tested, the company receives a certificate of state registration.

Important! If you are planning to obtain a Certificate or a Declaration of conformity, you can’t get it without SGR. SGR must be issued for goods which are subject to compulsory state registration. Without it, the production or distribution of products in the territory of the Russian Federation will be illegal.

Registration procedure of the certificate of state registration (SGR)

There are two categories of applicants:

  1. The first category includes manufacturers of products which are produced on the territory of Customs Union.
  2. The second ones are foreign organizations or importers of goods whose production is outside Customs Union.

The organization may apply to the territorial office of Rospotrebnadzor or use the services of accredited certification authorities.

The process of registration of the SGR is a procedure that is consistently divided into several stages:

  1. Formation of package of documents and its submission along with the products sample. It is worth to note that the products must be typical, represent all similar products. Otherwise, you can get a waiver.
  2. Tests by the laboratories. It should be noted that it is suitable only for those institutions that have proper accreditation and included in the special States registry. You will get test reports based on the test results.
  3. Preparation of an expert opinion by an employee of SGR. At this stage documents provided by the applicant and data obtained from the laboratory are taken into consideration.
  4. Decision on what product meets or does not meet the standard.
  5. In the case of a positive decision the product will be registered. It is assigned a unique identification number, which will be a number of the SGR as well.
  6. Preparation of the document (special form in blue color). The document contains the information according to which norms the product was registered. It must indicate the specific category of product. It is indicated on what basis the document was issued (test reports) and by whom it was provided (testing laboratory, specific centre). 
  7. Sending the document directly to the applicant.

It should be noted that sometimes the process of registration of SGR is delayed, if not all the information was provided. Therefore, appealing to professionals allows to significantly simplify and accelerate the procedure.

What you need to provide for the registration in Rospotrebnadzor?

The registration procedure depends on the type of applicant. 

In particular, the domestic company must submit the following:

  1. Company data. 
  2. Application. It is necessary to identify the name of the applicant and the products themselves.
  3. Consumer labels (copies) or their templates.
  4. Manual for the product. It can be designed either by the manufacturer or by the certification body.
  5. Copies of the manufacturing documents. Standards, technological instructions, various regulations, specifications, and more.
  6. The document certifying the right of ownership on industrial premises, or a lease.
  7. The certificate of incorporation. It can be electronic if all the documents are similar.
  8. Ingredient composition. It must contain all the components without exception, in percent. Note that the presence of some additional substances, and the absence of marked would be a violation to the same extent.
  9. Safety and Health Certificate for production. Instead, it is possible to provide notification that the applicant has started business activities.
  10. Samples of products. Their exact size and number depending on the specifics of the product.

You must keep in mind that the list is approximate. In fact, the company can provide more data, such as test reports and so on.

As for the foreign manufacturer, he will need to prepare the following:

  1. Application. 
  2. Company data.
  3. Additional information about the producer, including its legal address.
  4. Consumer labels (copies) or their templates in Russian language.
  5. Manuals for the goods in Russian language. 
  6. Ingredient composition. It must contain all the components without exception, in percent. Note that the presence of some additional substances, and the absence of marked would be a violation to the same extent.
  7. Certificates from the manufacturer, if any.
  8. Information about the product, about its scope, its basic consumer properties and characteristics.
  9. Document on free trade (the so-called Free Sail), which is issued by the manufacturer.
  10. Samples of the products.

Note that for chemical products need to provide another data sheet with the technical data (TDS) and safety data sheet (MSDS). Both should be translated into Russian language.

What products are subject to state registration?

You can find full list of goods subject to registration in the technical regulations. Below are the most popular:

  1. Household chemicals which also includes rodent control and disinfectants.
  2. Special food products, among which stands out the children’s nutrition, sports, supplements in food, food for pregnant and lactating women. It should be noted that these are usually special requirements.
  3. Products made by new technologies. We are talking about the fact that had not previously been used in principle.
  4. Cosmetics. This includes compositions for hair removal, baby care, intimate, products for permanent makeup and so on.
  5. Products for children up to 3 years – in this category, there are toothbrushes, pacifiers, utensils, hygiene products disposable, summer hats.
  6. All potentially dangerous products. We are talking about goods that may pose a threat to humans and to the environment.
  7. Products that come into contact with foodstuffs. But the list does not included kitchenware.
  8. Items relating to personal hygiene of adults. That is, toothbrushes, scissors, combs and so on.
  9. Everything about the system of organization of drinking water supply. 
  10. Mineral water, as well as dining and drinking one.
  11. Food products which include genetically modified substances.
  12. All sorts of supplements. However, their specificity is irrelevant.
  13. Alcoholic drinks, including low alcohol.
  14. Various soft drinks (non-alcoholic). Note that some are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  15. All children’s clothing, which refers to the first layer. We are talking about that will directly come into contact with a naked body.

Sometimes it happens that the products are not included in the above list, but still need to confirm that it meets the accepted sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic standards. In this case, our company will help you to make the appropriate conclusion on the SGR.

What goods don’t require SGR?

  1. Product samples that are provided for obtaining of SGR. 
  2. Tobacco accessories. It can be tubes, mouthpieces, different storage tanks and so on. And please note that for non-tobacco raw material, which is used in the manufacture of the relevant goods, you also do not need to issue a certificate.
  3. Laboratory glassware. The exception to this will be those of the bulbs, for example, which contain native infectious material or may be radioactive.
  4. Any food raw materials, which is necessary to create a nutrient medium. For example, bird eggs.
  5. All kinds of souvenirs. This list also includes beauty accessories.
  6. Car parts, parts for different instruments. As you might guess, an exception is made for what constitutes a radiation hazard.
  7. Advertising and exhibits that are not intended for use or distribution in the territory of the customs Union.
  8. Any goods produced in Russia, but by the standards of other countries and for for using there. However, it is necessary to consider the issue of security.
  9. The used products. 
  10. The collections produced by the students of different educational institutions for all kinds of festivals.

Don’t know whether to register your products? Then it is better to check the details with our consultants.

Why you should seek assistance in obtaining State Registration Certificate?

Self-service product registration in Rospotrebnadzor is possible. However, there is a high probability to failure, and not due to the fact that the products are dangerous, but because you have not provided enough evidence to the contrary. In addition, if the registration process will be held with violations, the certificate may be revoked, and the company in such a situation can get serious penalties (up to a half million rubles). Therefore, it is better not to risk.

Our experts are ready to help and take all the responsibility. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding the registration of SGR.

Price calculation

The cost of execution of the State Registration Certificate at Rospotrebnadzor is from 460 USD

Required documents

  • Application
  • Company details
  • Scanned copies of constituent documents
  • Technical specifications or product passport
  • Product composition
  • Safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • Nameplates

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The SGR certificate is compulsorily issued for different kinds of food products, household items, clothes, chemicals, children’s toys and a number of other products that directly contact human skin when they are used, are eaten or used in everyday life or for personal hygiene. Products pass a series of tests for compliance with the standards and characteristics indicated in the technical regulations. Positive results become the basis for obtaining appropriate marking and for free import of products into the territory of the Eurasian Customs Union.

How to get a certificate of state registration for your product?

The conclusion on sanitary and hygienic compliance from the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare is issued for carrying out of production activities, the provision of services, for a variety of goods. Depending on this, the document may have a different validity period. For example, the document is issued for no more than 1 year for pilot batches of goods, for products, in particular foreign ones – up to 5 years.

The certification process follows the following algorithm:

  • Application;
  • Estimation of scope and cost of work based on suitable test schemes;
  • Conclusion of an agreement for the implementation of SGR certification;
  • Sample tests in the laboratory;
  • Evaluation of the results and making a decision on the issuance of a certificate;
  • In case of a positive conclusion – certificate execution and a document issuance to the client with the publication of test reports in a government agency.

Do you need an SGR certificate for product sales in Russia?

We are ready to start work without delay and help you market your products in the Russian market space. Experience, qualifications, availability of our laboratories and the necessary certifications are factors that determine the quality and efficiency of MASTCERT work for the benefit of your business. Contact us.