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Changes to EAC dairy technical regulation came into force

From September 22, 2023, changes to the technical regulation “On the safety of milk and dairy products” (TR CU 033/2013), adopted by Decision of the EEC Council No. 143 of September 23, 2022, comes into force. Amendments to the technical…

Changes to TR CU 026/2012 have come into force

On September 1, 2023, changes to technical regulation “On safety of small vessels” (TR CU 026/2012) came into force. Changes adopted by Order of the EEC Board No. 121 dated August 23, 2023 provide for updating the scope of application…

List of products subject to TR CU 031/2012 has been updated

On September 6, 2023, the decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) No. 136 of September 5, 2023 was officially published, which adopted a new list of products subject to mandatory certification within the framework of the…

Changes discussed for technical regulation on poultry meat

A public discussion of the draft amendments to the list of standards took place up to September 1, 2023, on the basis of which compliance with requirements of the technical regulation “On the safety of poultry meat and products of…

TC 181 amended the state standard for preschoolers’ chairs

Technical Committee for Standardization “Toys and Goods for Childhood” (TC 181) amended GOST 19301.2-2022 “Children’s preschool furniture. Functional dimensions of chairs”. So, in accordance with the amendments, the height of the upper edge of the backrest above the seat for…