Things to Consider When Getting a Low Voltage Certification

Certificate TR CU 004 2011 is a document that confirms that a particular type of low-voltage equipment is safe and complies with the requirements of the Technical Regulations. So manufacturers and sellers will not have to obtain permission to operate separately in each country.

Algorithm for obtaining a certificate

Steps for issuing a certificate:

• Submission of an application to the certification center.

• Collection of documents.

• Sampling.

• Testing, analysis of the state of production.

• Making a decision on issuing a certificate for low-voltage equipment.

• Entering data into the register of the Federal Accreditation Service, obtaining a certificate by the applicant.

Low voltage certification schemes

Scheme 1c is used to obtain a certificate for serial production. The applicant can only be a legal entity registered in the territory of one of the five member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The document is valid for 5 years.

Scheme 3c is needed for certification of a batch of products, and 4c is required for a single product. The expiration date in both cases is not set.

What equipment is subject to certification

Low-voltage products must comply with the requirements specified in TR CU 004. This regulation does not apply to medical devices, equipment intended for operation in an explosive atmosphere.

Low-voltage equipment includes electrical and lighting fixtures. The following devices are eligible for certification:

  • laptops, personal computers and components;
  • cables, wires, cords;
  • electrical devices for cooking, drying, ironing, cleaning, hair care;
  • equipment for the garden and vegetable garden;
  • electricity meters (consumption control sensors);
  • electric pumps, automatic switches;
  • circuit breakers (devices that protect electrical networks from overloads);
  • extension cords;
  • musical electric instruments.

Labeling elements (trademark, main parameters and characteristics, country of manufacture) are applied to the device itself, packaging or indicated in the operating documents. The designations must be legible, well readable, and accessible for visualization without prior disassembly of the electrical appliance.

Without certification according to TR TS 004 2011, an entrepreneur will not be able to trade in the EAEU countries. But the document is drawn up quickly and makes it possible to speed up the turnover, increase the sales volumes of companies.

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