Certification of heaters


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Certification of heaters

Heaters are electrical devices that provide thermal space heating. There are several types of heaters – oil, electric convector, infrared, fan heaters, heat guns. In order to avoid the possibility of fire and other accidents, it is necessary to control the quality of such devices.

Mandatory certification of electric heaters is provided for on the territory of the EAEU. This means that manufacturers, importers and sellers of electric heaters are required to obtain permits for their product.

Legal Framework.

On the territory of the EAEU, the requirements for quality and safety for any product are prescribed in the technical regulations (TR CU, TR EAEU).

Electric heaters are subject to two CU TRs:

TR CU 004/2011 – safety standards for low-voltage equipment. According to its requirements, heaters must have established requirements for electrical insulation and wear resistance, in order to eliminate any possible risks when using them.

TR CU 020/2011 – requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. This means that the electric heater must not interfere with the operation of other electrical equipment.

According to the requirements of these TR TS, electric heaters must undergo mandatory certification before being sold on the territory of the EAEU.

Who needs a certificate for heaters.

A certificate for heaters must be issued to manufacturers, importers and distributors who operate on the territory of the EAEU. Without a mandatory certificate, the production, import and sale of electric heaters will be considered illegal.

The violating company may receive a large monetary fine, and unauthorized goods will be confiscated, which will entail significant financial losses. It is much easier to get a certificate for the production or import of products in advance.

Registration procedure.

Registration of a certificate for electric heaters begins with the submission of an application to the certification center. Employees of the center will help identify the product and select the appropriate certification scheme. You can certify a series, batch or unit of goods.

Confirmation of the quality of products is carried out by conducting a laboratory examination of product samples. In the case of certification, the quality assessment of devices is carried out in an accredited laboratory. The test results are recorded in the test report, which is the basis for issuing a conformity document. The term for issuing certificates for heaters is usually 2-3 weeks.

The applicant receives a certificate only if the products fully comply with the requirements of technical regulations. To certify imported heaters, an entrepreneur must first import samples of goods for laboratory examination and obtaining a certificate.

List of required documents.

For certification, the applicant must provide the following documents:

• registration documents of the company or individual entrepreneur;

• bank account details;

• detailed description of products, including HS codes;

• samples of goods for examination;

• regulatory and technical documentation;

• technical data sheet of the device and operating instructions;

• samples of packages and labels for goods;

• supply contract, invoice (in case of import). The exact list of documents can be determined by the employees of the certification center.

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