Certification of hair care products


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Certification of hair care products

Beautiful, shiny and well-groomed hair requires not only the right shampoo, but also the regular use of additional care products. A poor-quality product can cause hair follicles to fall out or provoke allergic reactions, so the safety of hair care products must be checked and controlled without fail.

The legislative framework.

Cosmetic products that come into direct contact with human skin and hair can be a potential hazard.

Certification of perfumes and cosmetics for hair is designed to ensure the safety and quality of products to consumers.

Evaluation activities in relation to all hair products on the market are regulated by the regulatory act TR CU 009/2011, in force on the territory of the member countries of the Customs Union.

The technical regulation defines the requirements regarding the quality and safety of perfumery and cosmetic products.

Cosmetics in liquid form (shampoos, gels) are subject to GOST 31678-2012.

According to the profile regulations, all types of goods for children, products for dyeing, highlighting or lightening hair, as well as products containing confirmed nanomaterials, will have to issue a state registration certificate (SGR).

In all other cases, the manufacturer, supplier or seller must issue a declaration of conformity for hair products.

After obtaining the mandatory permits, you can issue a voluntary quality certificate in the GOST R system.

Features of the procedure.

All hair care products are subject to mandatory conformity assessment.

This group of products includes:

  • styling gels;
  • varnishes for fixing hairstyles;
  • paints;
  • shampoos, detergents;
  • balms, masks, conditioners.

The procedure for certification of hair products depends on the type and purpose of cosmetic products, as well as on the age category of consumers.

Terms and stages of registration of the declaration.

Usually, the period for passing the test is no more than 2-3 weeks, subject to the transfer to the experts of a complete set of mandatory documents and samples for examination in the laboratory. The algorithm depends on who is the applicant (manufacturer or seller), as well as on the scheme of the upcoming procedure.

Registration of documentation for the goods is one of the most important stages in the declaration of hair products.

For analysis, you must provide:

  • regulatory and technical documents (GOSTs, TS), which contain a description of the technological process, control values and indicators;
  • detailed information about products – assortment, composition, instructions and guidelines for the use of cosmetics;
  • label layout;
  • information about the manufacturer – copies of certificates of state registration (TIN, OGRN), card of the applicant company, statutory and constituent documents;
  • lease agreement or ownership of production premises.

If a foreign-made product is subject to verification, the experts will need information about the manufacturer, an invoice, a contract specification, an agreement of an authorized person.

The process of certification of hair care products takes place in a certain sequence:

  • examination of submitted documents;
  • product identification, evaluation scheme selection;
  • production inspection (if it is provided for by the chosen scheme);
  • testing of prototypes;
  • drawing up final protocols based on the results obtained;
  • issuance of permits.

Validity of the declaration of conformity does not exceed 5 years. For a separate batch of goods, the document is issued without specifying the validity period.

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