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ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 certificate includes requirements that ensure environmental safety of manufactured products or provided services. Serious attention to the issues of environment protection has led to the emergence of a new international standard for the system. This certificate is issued to companies who are successfully carrying out these requirements.

Definition and characteristics of ISO 14001

International standards set by ISO 14001, adapted to Russian conditions with the development of the domestic version of the document which was originally called GOST R ISO 14001-2007. The updated version of the standard called GOST R ISO 14001-2015Will was introduced in 2015. It is relevant in the present time.

ISO 14001, like its Russian analogue, is a list of standards and rules, which indicate that the management of an enterprise ensure high level of environmental preservation on the level of world standards. In most cases the environmental management system (EMS) is a part of a unified system of quality management.

The use of ISO 14001

A characteristic feature of ISO 14001 system is the universality of the standard so that a certificate can obtain economic entities operating absolutely in all industries of the economy. This is because the environmental requirements are based on General principles, it is the same for enterprises of all types of activities.

ISO 14001 is the most important for industrial production. This is logical, given that these entities are capable of inflicting the most tangible and visible damage to the environment. Therefore, almost all major Russian exporters of natural resources, working in foreign markets, have done certification according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.

Advantages of ISO 14001 certification

The obtaining of the standard and the ISO 14001 certificate is not a mandatory event. However, many businesses prefer to get certified, as it allows to obtain many important advantages:

  • reduction or elimination of risks for environment and, especially, the onset of an emergency situation or ecological disaster;
  • raising the status and image of the company, especially in the international market;
  • attracting qualified employees, giving great importance to environmental issues;
  • reducing costs of compulsory payments associated with emissions, effluents and waste formed by activities of the enterprise;
  • reducing the cost of material and energy resources required for the operation of the enterprise that is achieved by optimization of production and technological processes.

In General, the introduction of ISO 14001 has positive effects not only directly on the environmental situation in the enterprise and the area where it is located.

Steps of making ISO 14001 Certificate

Obtaining of ISO 14001 take place in several stages implemented sequentially:

  • assessment of the actual situation in terms of compliance with the requirements of environmental safety. The audit may be performed as by invited experts and by its own employees, if they have the required skills and knowledge;
  • identification of areas and directions where the implementation of new requirements, regulations and rules will be most effective. In this particular case it is about the most potentially environmentally hazardous industrial processes and operations;
  • development of the goals and objectives of EMS implementation;
  • creating a document management system aimed at fulfilling the requirements of ISO 14001;
  • constant monitoring of results of introduction of the standard with the purpose of making adjustments when necessary.

Standard validity of ISO 14001 certificate is 3 years. 

At the end of that a re-certification procedure is required.

You can contact MASTCERT to issue the ISO 16949 certificate. It is an effective method for obtaining and implementation of any management system in the enterprise.

Applying at MASTCERT you will get:

  • Official, legal certificate.
  • You’ll get it in a few hours.
  • Assistance up to result
  • Package of accompanying instructions for implementation.
  • Advantage over competitors.
  • Opportunity to participate in tenders and auctions where ISO 14001 is required.
  • Detailed expert advice on certification.
  • Discount when placing two or three ISO certificates for the same company.

To order a certificate you should:

  • Send a request on the website or call the hotline number.
  • Answer the questions of certification expert.
  • Send the required documents for registration
  • Sign the cooperation agreement.
  • Pay the cost of registration.
  • Get certificate in person, by courier or Express mail.
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