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The conclusion of the RFC (Radio Frequency Center) is a permit document that is required for the import of radio electronic (RES) and high-frequency devices (HFD) into the territory of the Russian Federation. This document confirms the compliance of the RES (VCHU) with the radio frequency requirements established by the State Commission (SCRF).

Based on this conclusion, the License of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is issued .

The conclusion of the RFC must be drawn up for each RES and VChU. According to Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 15, 1993 No. 30, RES refers to those devices that have one or more radio transmitting or receiving devices.

Usually, the RFC Conclusion must be issued for the following types of goods:

  • wireless controllers;
  • radio navigation receivers;
  • transmitters;
  • electronic board;
  • microphones and headphones;
  • locks of wireless type;
  • radio relay equipment;
  • tablets;
  • printers;
  • generators for industrial purposes , etc.

There are a number of devices for which RFC registration is not required, these include:

  • products that use acoustic waves;
  • control panels that work only with directional action;
  • equipment for MRI;
  • X-ray equipment, etc.
    Whether it is necessary to issue an RFC Conclusion for your device, you can find out from our specialists by filling out the application form at the link.

Stages of registration of the RFC Conclusion

  1. Applying for a Conclusion.
  2. Preparation of all necessary technical documentation for the conclusion of the Conclusion (we will undertake this work).
  3. If the equipment is imported for the first time into the territory of the Russian Federation, then it will be necessary to issue a permit for the temporary import of a test sample.
  4. Receiving a sample and sending it for testing to the laboratory of the radio frequency center with the preparation of a test report.
  5. After successfully passing the tests and issuing the test report, the RFC Conclusion is issued.

The term for obtaining the Conclusion is regulated and is 30 calendar days.

What documents are needed to draw up the Conclusion

In order to issue the Conclusion of the RFC, it is necessary to provide the following documents and information:

  • technical description of the device and TN VED code (if you do not know the code, our specialists will help you choose it);
  • details of the applicant’s company (the applicant can only be a company registered in the territory of the Russian Federation).

Important! The conclusion of the RFC is not a final document. As a rule, after receiving this document, it is necessary to issue a License from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and obtain an extract from the register of Roskomnadzor . And sometimes it is required to issue an FSB Notification for an imported device. For advice on this issue, please contact our specialists, we will help you.

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