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TR CU 022/2011 - MASTCERT

Food products in terms of their labeling



This regulation is aimed at regulating uniform rules and requirements for the labeling of food products released into circulation in the territory of the Customs Union in the territory of the Customs Union.

TR CU 022/2011 does not extend is Busy on food products, which made the organization of public of , as well as the food products produced by individuals not for the purpose of doing business.
Food products are put into circulation on the market in accordance with their marking with TR CU 022/2011 and other TRs that apply to it.

The following information must be indicated on the packaging of food products:
• The product’s name
• Composition
• Product volume
• Manufacturing date
• Shelf life
• Storage conditions
• Name and location of the manufacturer of the product, address and name of the official representative of the manufacturer, name and location of the importer
• Recommendations for use, preparation, if necessary.
• Nutritional value of the product
• The presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in products
• Unified mark for marking “EAC”

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The labeling of the transport packaging of food products must contain the following information:
• The product’s name
• Product quantity
• Manufacturing date
• Shelf life
• Storage conditions
• Product batch information (batch number)
• Name and location of the product manufacturer

The Technical Regulation 022/2011 also contains requirements for the formation of names of food products, for indicating the composition of products and other requirements related to the labeling of food products.

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