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TR CU 005/2011 - MASTCERT

On the safety of packaging



Technical regulation 005/2011 was developed to establish uniform requirements for packaging released into circulation on the territory of the countries of the Customs Union.
TR CU 005/2011 applies to all types of packaging that are finished products and are released into circulation on the territory of the Customs Union.

TR CU 005/2011 does not apply to packaging of medical devices, medicines, pharmaceuticals, tobacco products and dangerous goods, as well as to freight containers and pallets for the carriage of goods by any means of transport.

Packaging safety requirements
Packaging must be manufactured and designed in such a way that during its use the minimum risks associated with its construction and used materials are ensured.

This regulation sets out requirements for:
• Sanitary and hygienic indicators of packaging that comes into contact with food products (the requirements are described in Appendices 1 and 1.1 of TR CU 005/2011).
• Mechanical indicators.
• Chemical resistance (the packaging must not release the amount of chemicals that is higher than the maximum permissible norm).
• Tightness.

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Packaging product labeling must contain the following information:
• Numerical code or letter designation of the material from which the package is made.
• Package name.
• Purpose of packaging.
• Conditions of transportation, disposal and storage.
• Processing method (for recycled packaging).
• Manufacturer information.
• Manufacturing date.
• Shelf life (if set by the manufacturer)

In accordance with TR CU 005/2011, the packaging must undergo a mandatory declaration to confirm the quality.

To obtain a Declaration of Conformity, the following declaration schemes can be applied:
• 3d, 4d, 6d – for packaging intended for food products, including baby food, perfumery and cosmetic products, toys and children’s products.
• 1d and 2d – applies to packaging products that do not belong to the products listed in clause 2.1 of Article 7 of TR CU 005/2011.

To obtain the Declaration of Conformity, you must provide the following documents:
• Application
• Product test report
• Technical description
• List of standards according to which the products were manufactured
• ISO 9001 certificate (for scheme 6d)
• Supply agreement (schemes 2d, 4d)

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