Industrial Safety Expertise


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In order to improve the safety of the functioning of industrial enterprises, in particular those associated with hazardous industries, as well as to create favorable working conditions for personnel, the law on industrial safety expertise is in force. Periodic inspection allows reducing the number of accidents and incidents, to optimize the operation of the facility as a whole.

Hazardous production facilities, as well as documents on their elimination, technical re-equipment, and safety justification, are subject to mandatory verification in this aspect. Also, technical devices that are used at hazardous facilities should be subject to expertise before commissioning or after its expiration, and if the accurate information on the operating time is absent, after changing the design, specification. All these standards are regulated by the law of Russia dated July 21, 1997 No. 116-FZ.

Certificate Center for fast and efficient inspections

If your company needs to pass a mandatory scheduled industrial safety inspection, we are ready to help. Our certification body, MASTCERT has more than 9 years of experience and thousands of issued documents. We thoroughly know the laws, documentation standards and expertise schemes in order to do everything on the first try and within the agreed time frame. Self-organization of the process threatens with delays because one inaccuracy in the document will require going through all the stages again. Save your time and resources by properly delegating tasks. We are waiting for you.

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Industrial Safety Expertise