TR CU 012/2011

The ex-proof equipment certification (explosion protection certificate)


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TR CU 012/2011

The certificate of conformity for EX-proof equipment (this document is sometimes called as the Explosion Protection Certificate) is a document, which proves that duly identified Ex-proof equipment conforms to the specific standard for the type of explosion protection.

All ex-proof equipment including ex-proof parts of other equipment and sets are listed in the “Nomenclature of products (works) and services, which should be certified in a mandatory manner under legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

The ex-proof equipment certification is carried out to all goods used in ex-areas.

MASTCERT is a certification body that is able to obtain this certificate in a very short time. We have experts, laboratories, and relevant expertise to issue these documents.

Explosion-proof equipment is classified as hazardous equipment subject to certification. The Certificate of Conformity on ex-proof equipment can be obtained using several certification schemes.

General procedures of the mandatory certification are specified on the Resolution of RF Standardization Metrology and Certification Committee “On confirmation of “Rules of certification of electrical equipment for explosive mediums” of 19.03.03 № 28/10.

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Main principles of explosion safety are regulated all over the world. They are based on the recommendations of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which offered uniform methods of testing radio communication equipment for conformity and released them to the relevant centers in Europe and in the United States.

The approaches and methods of classification are very similar despite having different names for the standards in their respective countries (GOST in Russia, ATEX in Europe, FM in the USA).

That is why, if the equipment is certified as explosion-proof by a certification office in Europe or the USA after passing inspection, it stands to reason that this equipment will also successfully obtain certification in the GosGorTechNadzor of Russia.

It is important to know that reception of the Russian certificate of conformity for ex-proof equipment (certificate of conformity in explosion-proof version) is necessary and doesn’t depend on the presence of another international certificate.

The conformity certification for the explosion-proof equipment category confirms that the identified product meets specific standards for a specific type of protection.

There is a special nomenclature of goods (works) and services that must be checked for compliance with the legislative acts of the Russian Federation with a listing of all electrical equipment, including individual parts and sets.

How to get an explosion proof certificate?

The certification of the explosion-proof equipment is carried out by the MASTCERT certification bodies. There is a staff of experts, modern, properly equipped laboratories and the appropriate specialists for issuing such a document. A permit obtained under the Technical Regulations TR CU 012/2011 is also called the “explosion proof certificate”.

Equipment in this category is classified as hazardous one, which is subject to rigorous testing and proper certification. A compliance document can be drawn up using several schemes. The general provisions of the mandatory procedure are established by the Resolution of the Committee for Standardization of Metrology and Certification of the Russian Federation. This act approved the rules for obtaining permits for equipment for highly explosive environments.

TRCU 012/2011 provides certification standards for operational electrical equipment for implementation in the CU territory, but the basic principles of explosion protection are regulated worldwide. They are spelled out by the recommendations of the relevant electrotechnical commission at the international level, which proposed uniform methods for testing equipment for compliance and ordered them to the appropriate centers in Europe and the United States.

The classification method itself is generally similar, although the names of the standards in the respective countries are different (GOST in Russia, ATEX for Europe, FM in America). If the equipment is certified as explosion-proof in the European or American market, it usually passes the EAC certification in Russia as well.

The Customs Union establishes strict rules for issuing a certificate for operational electrical equipment. It is mandatory, and the procedure should be followed regardless of the availability of other international explosion proof permits.

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