Certification of perfumes


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Certification of perfumes

Perfume as a type of cosmetic product is subject to mandatory assessment for compliance with the requirements of technical regulations in force on the territory of the EAEU. The purpose of the evaluation activities is to obtain a manufacturer, supplier or seller of a declaration confirming the quality and declared properties of the goods.

Regulatory framework.

Certification of perfumes is carried out within the framework of TR CU 009/2011, concerning the safe use of perfumery and cosmetic products.

Perfumery must go through the mandatory declaration procedure, as a result of which the individual entrepreneur, having confirmed the compliance of the product with the established standards, receives a declaration of conformity for perfumes.

A permit document gives the right to legally conduct business activities.

The absence of any of the required permits entails administrative liability in the form of large fines, confiscation of a consignment of goods or suspension of the enterprise.

Products intended for children, as well as perfumes containing “innovative” components and nanomaterials, are subject to mandatory state registration with the issuance of an appropriate certificate (SGR).

After registration of the mandatory permits, the entrepreneur can obtain a voluntary quality certificate for perfume in the GOST R system.

Features of the procedure.

Perfume belongs to the category of perfumes and cosmetics intended for flavoring the body, linen, clothes, as well as indoor air.

This group of products also includes:

  • perfume,
  • Eau de parfum,
  • cologne,
  • deodorants.

In the process of declaring perfume, the product is checked according to the quality and safety criteria fixed by the relevant technical regulations, as well as the state standard. Liquid perfume products are subject to GOST 31678-2012.

Perfumes are tested according to certain parameters:

  • external data – color feature, transparency;
  • strength and persistence of aroma;
  • the content of alcohol, fragrant components.

The advantage of voluntary certification is that the applicant independently determines which characteristics to examine in order to highlight the strengths of the product.

Documents for verification.

Certification of perfume is carried out on condition that the declarant provides a complete set of papers.

The following are in mandatory list:

  • a written request for an audit;
  • copies of state registration certificates (TIN, OGRN);
  • extracts from state registers (UGRLE or EGRIP);
  • company card with bank details;
  • detailed information about the product – full name, composition, distinctive properties, codes of foreign economic activity;
  • normative and technical documentation, according to which the production process is organized (GOSTs, TU);
  • previously issued permits (if any).

If foreign-made products are subject to verification, the declarant is obliged to provide information about the manufacturer, contract specification, invoice, contract of an authorized person (CAP). CAP is required due to the fact that only a resident of the EAEU can act as an applicant.

The list of documents can be shortened or expanded, taking into account the characteristics of the product, the selected evaluation scheme.

Procedure stages.

The deadline for issuing a declaration is 2-3 weeks (after providing all the necessary documents).

Evaluation activities are carried out in a certain order:

  • filing an application of the established form for the procedure;
  • product identification, selection of the most appropriate test scheme;
  • providing a package of documents for analysis;
  • transfer of standard samples for testing and examination;
  • testing of products in laboratory conditions;
  • drawing up final protocols based on the results obtained.

If the product to be assessed fully complies with the applicable standards and requirements, the applicant receives a declaration for perfume, information about which must be entered in a single register.

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