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EAC marking

On the basis of the EAC Customs Union certification mark which entered into force in 2013, all goods imported and sold in the territory of the Eurasian territory are subject to mandatory certification. As part of the procedure, products are checked for compliance with technical regulations, in case of the positive results, the EAC marking is applied to the packaging.

How products for sale in Russia are certified

Certification is required for the import and sale of products in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic. The presence of the marking indicates the high quality of the product, the compliance of the production process and characteristics with the established requirements and standards. There are more than 40 regulations now that regulate the check of food, clothing, cosmetics, furniture, vehicles, fuel, and various equipment.

There are different kinds of documents to pass the EAC certification of your products – issuing a certificate of conformity (CoC), a declaration of conformity (DoC), a certificate of state registration (SGR) or a medical device registration (MR).

Contact a trusted certification body to quickly test and get on all the necessary documents for applying the EAC marking. We have been working in the certification for more than 9 years and you can rely on the accredited laboratories for the wide range of tests and well-established work schemes for a quick result.

Certificate of conformity for the import of goods into the Eurasian Union

In this case, it is important to work with good contractors in order to take away a lot of hassle and to issue the documentation for a reasonable fee. You will get certificate with the provision of test reports, which are published in the Ru Accreditation and more freely available. This confirms the validity of a declaration or a certificate and guaranteed successful customs clearance with the subsequent sale of the goods. We will be happy to support you.

The manufacturer can choose the size of the mark on his own – but it must not be less than 5 mm (as per GOST)
● The mark itself must be clear, visible and understandable.
● Marking must be done in such a way that the mark can be preserved throughout the entire period of use of the goods.
● EAC is applied to each unit of goods, packaging, or written in the accompanying documentation.
● The image should be made in one color and contrast with the color of the surface on which it is applied.
● The place of marking is strictly regulated by the TR CU, to which a product corresponds.
● The EAC marking cannot be blocked by any other signs, symbols, etc., which may interfere with its reading.
The right to affix the EAC marking on a product is given by the presence of a Certificate or Declaration of Conformity with the requirements of the EAEU TR CU.

MASCERT will help you in preparing all the necessary documentation for your products for their import and use on the territory of the Customs Union.

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