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EAC TR CU certification

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The Customs Union Certificate of Conformity (TR CU certificate, EAC CoC) confirms the safety and quality of goods. It is a permissive document: it allows to sell products and ensures their compliance with the established standards of the Customs Union. The certificate is issued according to the results of laboratory tests and expert evaluations of products.

According to the law, a number of products requires mandatory certification. This means that some goods cannot be sold on the territory of countries-members of the CU without special documents. Lists of such goods are contained in the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Our experts will help you quickly get a Customs Union (EAC) Declaration of Conformity. You provide a minimum package of documents and we proceed to work without prepayment. Over 7 years, 14,000 documents have been issued for 3,500 companies in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Essence of the Customs Union is the interstate agreement on creation of a unified trade zone free of customs duties. This facilitates trade and reduces costs for the manufacturer. Now the Customs Union is comprised of 5 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. To obtain permission for manufacturing and sale of products on their territory you need to pass the necessary inspections and to issue certificates of conformity. If the mandatory permits are not issued, seller of the goods will be threatened with administrative responsibility.

The regulatory system of the Customs Union includes several forms of conformity assessment: Certification, Declaration and State Registration. In some cases, the products also require government supervision and veterinary control.

Important:  In 2014 the Eurasian Economic Union was formed from the Customs Union, which, apart from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, also includes Armenia.

2. Registration procedure of the TR CU Certificate of Conformity (EAC)

The issuance of Certificates of Conformity is engaged in certification centers. In Russia the certification bodies must be accredited by the Federal accreditation service. It is possible to obtain a TR CU Certificate of Conformity in any country which legally enters into Customs Union.

The processing time depends on the type and purpose of the certified products, the certification scheme, the presence of previously executed documents. The exact timing will be determined by specialists of certification centre. Their task includes the examination of evidence submitted by the applicant and testing department. In some cases additional checks are required: analysis of production and management system of the manufacturer.

The products with Certificate of Conformity must have special marking — it is a sign of products on the market of the Customs Union and informs consumers that the products passed the quality check.

The advantages of product certification:

  • significantly increase of sales and prospects of business development;
  • significantly decrease of documents volume and time for their issue;
  • preferential treatment of transportation and sale;
  • strengthened consumer confidence in the product;
  • increased competitiveness among its analogues;
  • you receive a guarantee of high quality of the product;
  • reduces the amount of low-quality and the identical products on the market.

3. Where to obtain TR CU Certificate of Conformity

It is possible to obtain the TR CU Certificate of Conformity with the help of experts. To do this you need to apply and provide the necessary documents. The rest will be done by experts and you will have to pick up your certificates at the appointed time.

4. Steps of issuing TR CU Certificate of Conformity

There are several certification schemes, usually they include:

  1. Collect the necessary documents.
  2. Conduct a series of tests with the subsequent recording of the results in the protocol.
  3. Apply for the Certification.
  4. Transfer of documents to the certified and accredited center.
  5. Verification of submitted documents.
  6. Registration of the TR CU Certificate of Conformity, assigning it a number, making an entry in the unified register of TR CU certificates.

Application for a certificate of conformity can submit producers and organizations registered on the territory of the Customs Union performing the functions of foreign manufacturers.

During the preliminary analysis of the documents the applicant and certification experts define what technical regulations apply to the products and which certification scheme can be applied to it.

Sampling of products for testing should be done from the warehouse that ships the products of the applicant. Tests are mandatory in almost all schemes except of the scheme 9c. Certification bodies are responsible to fulfill all the rules of verification of product quality. In turn, the applicant should verify the adequacy of the data about the product. If the data is given with the errors or samples tests were not carried out, the certificate is invalidated and all stakeholders — the Federal accreditation service, Rospotrebnadzor and others will get a notification.

Testing of product samples is conducted solely in the test center which is officially included in the Unified register of testing laboratories of the Customs Union. The certification body shall consider all the materials, which prove the product quality relevant to the Standards and verifies the materials at his disposal from the applicant. The task of the body sometimes is also to analyze the condition of the manufacturing capabilities of the company, wishing to obtain the certificate. For example, according to the General requirements of the authorities it is impossible to obtain a certificate for serial production of goods without assessment of its current state.

In certain situations, inspection organization is obliged to maintain constant control over the quality of the products sold and inspect production once a year after receiving the certificate.

The form of the certificate of the Customs Union has strict shape and four equally robust protection – holographic elements, microtext, printing number. The form contains all the information about commercial products including special codes TN VED CU, information about the applicant company, its founding documents, provisions on validity and registration.

5. Schemes of obtaining of TR CU Certificate of Conformity 

Schemes for obtaining of TR CU Certificate of Conformity differ depending on the volume of manufactured or imported products. They combine various forms of quality assurance, because their own forms of control are used for different product categories.

SchemeApplicationTestProduction inspectionInspectionDocument
1CMass productionProduct samplesProduction Status AnalysisSamples test/ Production Status AnalysisCertificate of conformity for serial production
2CMass productionProduct samplesCertification of quality management systemSamples test / management system controlCertificate of conformity for serial production
3CA single party or a single productProduct samplesCertificate of conformity for a batch production.
4CA single party or a single productSingle productCertificate of conformity for a single product
5CMass productionProduct Design StudyProduction Status AnalysisSamples test / Production Status AnalysisCertificate of conformity for serial production
6CMass productionProduct Design StudyCertification of quality management systemSamples test /control management systemCertificate of conformity for serial production
7CLarge-scale productionStandard sampleProduction Status AnalysisSamples test / Production Status AnalysisCertificate of conformity for serial production
8CLarge-scale productionStandard sampleCertification of quality management systemSamples test /control management systemCertificate of conformity for serial production
9CImported goodsAnalysis of technical documentationCertificate of conformity for the batch production of the limited volume

6. Validity period of the TR CU Certificate of Conformity

The validity period of the EAC certificate is specified in the technical installations. For mass production this period is five years. But the period also depends on the scheme of goods production. If a single type product or a certain batch of goods are being certified, then the validity is calculated depending on the period of use of the products produced by the company. The document, which is issued for multiple items has a validity period equal to the life of the product.

Most manufacturers and sellers issue the certificate with the longest validity period. But in some cases, it is more profitable to issue a certificate of compliance for a short period of time: for example, if your company ships products to the market for the first time and you need to assess the demand and deadlines. When the certificate of compliance expires, the certification procedure is held again.

7. Which products require TR CU Certificate of Conformity

To find out if it is required to issue the TR CU certificate for the products you should refer to the technical regulations of the category of goods that you import or manufacture. Each heading contains the classification and the list of products requiring mandatory certification. The main categories of goods that fall under this document:

  • Clothes and underwear
  • Baby shoes
  • Cable
  • Overalls (PPE)
  • Tool
  • Lamp
  • Wire
  • Auto parts
  • Boilers
  • Agriculture
  • Toys
  • Equipment

8. Required documents:

  • Application
  • Company details
  • Scanned copies of constituent documents
  • Technical specifications or product passport
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