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Pattern Approval Certificate


A pattern approval certificate or, in other words, a metrological certificate is a document that confirms the compliance of measuring instruments with the metrological and technical requirements in force in Russia in accordance with Federal Law No. 102-FZ of 26.06.2008 “On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements”. The issuance of certificates of this type is carried out by Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology. This procedure is mandatory for measuring instruments that are intended for use in state supervision or for health procedures, veterinary activities, measures in the field of labor protection and others.

How is a certificate issued on the territory of the Russian market?

To pass a PAC certification, the applicant must provide an application, a technical passport of the product and other documents that may contain information about the characteristics, properties of the product. Schemes for verification are selected depending on the type and purpose of the subject to be certified. Experts estimate the scope of work, guide the customer in terms of time and cost. Assessment procedures for obtaining a metrology pattern approval certification may cover:

  • Verification of the metrological and technological properties of the product for accuracy towards the values adopted in the Russian Federation;
  • Software identification and the test of its influence on the characteristics of the measuring device;
  • Selection of testing methods;
  • Analysis of the structure for the possibility of restricting access to certain parts to exclude falsification;
  • Comparison of the revealed properties and those applied to measuring instruments, their structural parts, software.

Important nuances that need to be taken into account for the successful issuance of a MPA certificate:

  • A type approval certificate can only be obtained if the measuring instrument is registered in the state register;
  • The certificate is issued both for one separate product and for a large batch;
  • The maximum document validity period is 5 years;
  • Devices that are used in the field of state regulation, in addition to the initial check, are subject to periodic check after going live.

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Metrological certificate (other name: Pattern Approval Certificate Of Measuring Instruments) – a document that confirms that the measuring instrument complies with the metrological and technical requirements (characteristics) established by the legal acts of the Russian Federation.

Work on ensuring the uniformity of measurements in Russia is carried out on the basis of Federal Law No. 102-ФЗ “On ensuring the uniformity of measurements”. The issuance of certificates of Pattern Approval Certificate is carried out by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology ( Rosstandart ).

For which product do you need a Pattern Approval Certificate?

Obligatory metrological certificate must be drawn up on measuring instruments (pressure gauges, temperature sensors, water meters, etc.) which will be used in state supervision and measurement control for:

  • carrying out health activities;
  • veterinary activities;
  • carrying out activities in the field of environmental protection;
  • security activities in emergency situations;
  • performance of work to ensure safe conditions and labor protection;
  • implementation of production control over compliance with industrial safety requirements established by the legislation of the Russian Federation for the operation of a hazardous production facility;
  • implementation of trade and barter transactions, work on the packaging of goods;
  • performing state accounting operations;
  • provision of postal services and accounting for the volume of telecommunication services rendered by telecom operators;
  • carrying out activities in the field of defense and security of the state;
  • geodetic and cartographic activities;
  • carrying out activities in the field of hydrometeorology;
  • conducting banking, tax and customs operations;
  • work on conformity assessment of industrial products and other types of products, as well as other objects established by the legislation of the Russian Federation to mandatory requirements;
  • holding official sports competitions, providing training for high-class athletes;
  • fulfillment of instructions of the court, prosecution bodies, state executive bodies;
  • implementation of measures of state control (supervision);
  • implementation of activities in the field of atomic energy.

The procedure for the obtaining of The Pattern Approval Certificate is determined by the Order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation dated June 25, 2013 No. 970 “On Approval of Administrative Regulations for the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology to provide the state service on type approval of reference materials or type of measuring instruments”

What documents are required to perform tests to get The Pattern Approval Certificate?

To analyze the documentation and the possibility of issuing a Certificate, the applicant must provide a package of documents including an

  • application,
  • technical passport
  • other documentation containing detailed information about the device.

If difficulties arise in providing this information or a description of the device in a foreign language, MASTCERT experts will gladly help you to solve this issue and work out the request in English.

The Law of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 1081 of November 30, 2009 “On Approving the Procedure for Testing of Measuring Instruments” details the rules and procedures for evaluating measuring instruments for the approval of their type.

What tests are carried out by the National Test Center for Measuring Instruments / (GCI)?

The scope and content of assessment procedures are described in a special document – a test program, and which is developed by a laboratory employee and is subject to agreement and approval with the applicant.

In SI MI 3290-2010 “Recommendations for the preparation, execution and review of test materials,” the following evaluation procedures are indicated:

  • Determination of metrological and technical characteristics of a measuring instrument, including accuracy indicators, expressed in units of quantities approved for use in the Russian Federation.
  • Software identification and assessment of its influence on the metrological characteristics of the measuring instrument (if software is available)
  • Development or selection of methods of verification and testing
  • Analysis of the design of the measuring instrument for restrictions on access to certain parts of the measuring instrument (including software) in order to prevent unauthorized adjustment and tampering that may distort the measurement results
  • Verification of compliance with the mandatory requirements for measuring instruments, including the requirements for their component parts, software and operating conditions of measurements.

After Sampling and Testing, this information is used to develop a TYPE DESCRIPTION OF MEASUREMENT TOOLS / CI certificate and the development of a calibration procedure. After testing the Measuring instrument and the preparation of all necessary documents, you can contact the Rosstandard for a certificate.

Important features of the issuance of The Pattern Approval Certificate:

  • A metrological certificate (The Pattern Approval Certificate) is issued after the inclusion of a measuring instrument in the State Register of Measuring Instruments ( ).
  • The issuance of The Pattern Approval Certificate is carried out by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology ( Rosstandart ).
  • It is possible to issue a certificate both for a single product or a batch of products, and for mass production.
  • The maximum validity of the certificate is 5 years.
  • Measuring instruments intended for use in the field of state regulation of ensuring the uniformity of measurements, prior to commissioning, as well as after repair, are subject to primary verification, and during operation – to periodic verification.
  • Measuring instruments, the type of which has been approved, and operational documentation accompanying products, are marked with an approval mark of a type of measuring instrument, the shape and dimensions of which are given in Appendix No. 4 to the Order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation of November 30, 2009 No. 1081.

The procedure for issuing a metrological certificate, including technical and metrological testing, verification, preparation of a package of relevant documents for submission to the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, takes from three to six months.

The exact cost and time of registration depends on many factors, such as: type of product, availability of all necessary documents, analysis of production (if necessary), etc. Therefore, to accurately calculate the cost and timing of paperwork please contact Experts of MASTCERT via e-mail. 

In response, within one business day, you will receive a current commercial offer.

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