C certification (China Compulsory Certification) is a mandatory product certification system that aims to protect consumer safety through health, hygiene, environmental and anti-fraud surveillance of products. It is important to know the requirements of the authorities so that later trader does not have to start the process all over again.

 What products require certification?

Responsibility for certification lies with the China Quality Center (CQC). Obtaining a permit can take 4-12 months. This is due to the fact that in China the authorities are very serious about what is imported into the country. CCC certification is not required only for food (special rules have been introduced for it).

Goods for which a certificate is required:

  • Products of medical equipment;
  • Electrical devices;
  • Electrical equipment operating at an AC voltage of less than 1000 volts;
  • Kids toys;
  • Interior decor elements in the house;
  • Vehicles and spare parts for them;
  • Means of human protection;

A complete list of goods can be viewed directly in the regulations.  The list is constantly updated: new products and requirements for their certification are added there. There are also products with China compulsory certification exemption.

 Certificate groups

Before exporting products to the Chinese market, you need to find out if it falls under the mandatory China compulsory certification and in which group it is. The conditions for its inspection and labeling depend on this.

In China, there are 4 groups of certificates and labels for imported goods:

  • Security (yellow icon);
  • Attitude towards human health (blue designation);
  • Quality (red color);
  • Energy saving (white color).

 How is certification carried out?

Product certification begins with a safety check and then a quality check. There are such main stages:

  • Carrying out product identification;
  • Definition of relevant requirements;
  • Product testing in a Chinese testing laboratory (results of analyzes of a foreign laboratory are not accepted);
  • Carrying out an audit of production;
  • Providing the finished certificate to the importer.

CCC certificate must be obtained every 5 years. It must be renewed annually, and the test must be retaken (re-examination is faster). The procedure is required in order to confirm the quality of goods.

Thus, the process of certification during export takes a rather long time and requires the provision of a large amount of permits. Knowing the features of this process, you can save yourself from possible mistakes and not waste extra time.

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