Amendments to tobacco technical regulation has been prepared

For Technical Regulation on Tobacco Products (TR CU 035/2014), draft amendments have been prepared and submitted for public discussion.

The document intends to introduce changes to technical regulation in terms of bringing the conformity assessment of products to standard schemes adopted by the Decision of the EEC Council No. 44 of April 18, 2018.

Thus, in accordance with amendments, the declaration of conformity of tobacco products is carried out at the choice of applicant according to one of the schemes:

• mass-produced cigarettes – according to schemes 3d and 6d, other types of tobacco products, mass-produced – according to scheme 1d;

• batches of cigarettes – according to scheme 4d, batches of other types of tobacco products – according to scheme 2d.

For each scheme, a set of documents and information is specified in detail, on the basis of which declaration of conformity is accepted.

Requirements for product identification, sampling, document storage periods, etc. are also established.

It has been determined that validity period of declaration of conformity for a series under schemes 1d and 3d is no more than 3 years, under scheme 6d – no more than 5 years, and is not established for a batch of tobacco products.