On amendments to EAC TR CU 024/2011

The EEC Council adopted amendments to the technical regulation on fat and oil products (TR CU 024/2011).

The changes provide for clarification of the definitions of edible oil and fat products, adjustment of requirements for labeling, production and transportation processes.

Thus, the technical regulation will stipulate what kind of transport can be used for transporting fat and oil products in bulk. Lists of permitted and prohibited goods prior to the transportation of edible oil and fat products in bulk by water transport have also been established.

In addition, to improve the safety of edible oil and fat products, for the first time the technical regulations introduce standardization of the permissible level of the contaminant “glycidyl esters of fatty acids in terms of glycidol”, since glycidyl esters of fatty acids, which arise in vegetable oils during high-temperature processing, are recognized, according to recent studies, as neurotoxic and carcinogenic.