Everything you need to know about FSB certification

FSS notification is an official document drawn up by the manufacturer himself or a person authorized by him. The FSS certificate is registered for hardware and software that includes elements of cryptography.

 What is the FSS notification for?

Registration of the FSS certification https://mastcert.com/fss-notification/ is required for the import into the territory of Russia of equipment and devices that contain cryptographic and encryption elements in their design. The notification of the FSS of the Russian Federation is a mandatory document if the following products are to be introduced into the country:

  •  non-end-to-end cryptographic equipment for civilians;
  •  radio-electronic equipment used for trading operations;
  •  wireless technology, the range of which does not exceed 400 meters;
  •  radio engineering and television equipment;
  •  game consoles;
  •  various types of smart cards;
  •  software and other tools designed for operating systems;
  •  encryption equipment designed to protect technological channels;
  •  technology used to access the Internet;
  • other types of devices that include cryptographic components.

How to make a notification?

The notification is made by the manufacturer of the goods or his official authorized representative, which may be a Russian importer. The document is submitted to the coordinating body of the EAEU member country (in Russia, this is the Federal Security Service).

If the notification is signed by an authorized person, a power of attorney from the manufacturer of the goods will be required when submitting it to the FSS https://mastcert.com/fss-notification/.

The power of attorney must be drawn up taking into account the current requirements of the FSS, signed by an employee of the manufacturing company with the appropriate authority, certified by a notary and, if necessary, legalized.

What sections does the FSB certificate contain?

This document includes strictly structured information:

  • purpose of the product and its scope;
  • description and name of the product;
  • manufacturer details;
  • encryption and cryptographic algorithms used in the equipment;
  • functionality of the device that is not described in the user manual;
  • validity period (set by the customer);
  • details of the applicant;
  • date of registration of the permit.

FSS notification is obligatory for legal support or import of goods. When compiling the certificate, the entrepreneur certifies the compliance of the products with the requirements established by the legislation of Russia.

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