Draft amendments to technical regulation on food safety

A draft amendment to technical regulation “On safety of food products” (TR CU 021/2011) has been prepared regarding the establishment of forms, schemes and procedures for conformity assessment based on standard schemes in accordance with the Decision of the EEC Council No. 44 of 04/18/2018.

Discussion of the project will begin on January 15, 2024 and includes, among other things, a new edition of the technical regulation requirements regarding state registration of food products.

Thus, the amendments introduce 2 state registration schemes, 1p is used for food products manufactured in the EAEU, and 2p – for food products manufactured outside the customs territory of the EAEU.

In addition, the draft amendments specify in detail the requirements for a set of documents that the applicant must submit when assessing the conformity of products, as well as the procedure for carrying out procedures for assessing the conformity of these products, identification, sampling rules, etc. The draft also clarifies the concept of “batch of products.”

The amendments provide for the establishment of a validity period for the declaration of conformity for mass-produced fresh potatoes, vegetables, including leafy ones, melons, mushrooms, herbs, fruits, berries, and nuts of one harvest year – no more than 18 months (according to schemes 1d and 3d).