Steps of getting the EAC TR CU certificate

The high quality of products is confirmed by the customs union certificate of conformity (TR CU EAC certificate). Due to this document you can sell products without breaching of the customs union standards. EAC certification is available only after laboratory tests and expert evaluations.

Goods which must have the EAC certificate can be sold in countries of the Custom union only with special documents.

The Customs Union creates trade zone which is free of customs duties. Due to this Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan can reduce costs. Administrative responsibility threaten to those who don’t have necessary documentation.

Certification, declaration and state registration are included into the regulatory system of the Customs union.

Registration procedure

You can get the EAC certificate in certification centers of any country from the Customs union. It’s important that the center should be accredited by the Federal accreditation service

After getting EAC TR CU certification your product will have a special mark about passing the quality check.

The advantages of certification:

sales growth
documents decrease
preferential treatment of transportation
increase of consumer loyalty
a guarantee of high quality

Steps of getting the EAC TR CU certificate:

gathering obligatory documents
products testing
application for the certification
consultation of an accredited center
expert checking of documents
registration of the EAC TR CU certificate

Specialists from the accredited center should get samples from the warehouse and conduct tests exclusively in the test center from the Unified register of the Customs union.

The certificate consists of holographic elements, microtext and printing number.

Validity period of the сertificate

Usually this type of document operates for five years, but it depends on technical installations of goods. When the certificate become invalid, the certification procedure starts again.

Products which require TR CU Certificate:

Baby shoes
Auto parts

Necessary documents for getting the EAC TR CU certificate:

information of your company
copies of documents
product passport

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