Draft amendments to TR EAEU 047/2018

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has prepared and submitted for public discussion until April 15, 2024, draft amendments to technical regulation “On the safety of alcoholic products” (EAEU TR 047/2018).

The project proposes to make amendments to the document regarding the definitions of ethyl alcohol and categories of alcoholic beverages.

Amendments also concern the use of food flavors, flavoring substances, food additives, as well as labeling and assessment of product conformity.

The draft allows the name of whiskey to be supplemented with an adjective derived from the state of origin of the whiskey (for example, Russian whiskey, Belarusian whiskey, Kazakh whiskey, etc.) provided that the recipe, raw materials and all stages of the production of the drink, including bottling, are produced in the territory of the specified member state, which is the manufacturer of the product.

In addition, it is proposed to place a contrasting warning inscription “Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health” on the back label, label or consumer packaging in capital letters with a height of at least 3 mm (in the approved edition, the inscription must be applied in capital letters of the largest possible size and occupy at least 10% of the back label / labels / areas of consumer packaging).

The draft amendments also allow EAEU member states to introduce restrictions on the production and circulation (up to a ban) of low-alcohol tonic drinks on their territory.

Technical regulation will come into force on July 1, 2024.