EAC Trading Standards

EAC Trading Standards

For trading on the territory of the Eurasian Customs Union, it is necessary to have an official permit in the form of a certificate confirming the compliance of products with the quality and safety standards in force here. The external manufacturers and suppliers have the opportunity to import their product into this single trade area only with the EAC marking.

How to get a certificate?

The process of confirming product compliance with EAC standards cannot be called complicated, but without experience and knowledge of all the rules, the procedure can be significantly delayed. And considering the fact that in any case it takes several months, this is not in the interests of entrepreneurs. How does the EAC certification process go? If you work with certification experts, then you only need to collect regulatory and technical documentation and prepare samples, then the specialists take care of the rest. Namely, they prepare an application for obtaining a certificate, carry out the necessary tests of samples in laboratory conditions, prepare protocols with conclusions, and collect all technical documentation. The next step is to issue a certificate. In some cases, the production inspection is still required during the testing phase. It depends on the type of product and the test schemes applicable to it.

How to import goods to Russia?

The uniform EAC certification standards apply for the import of products into Russia. You can find useful information on the topic and agree on the relevant services on our website. We have issued more than 14,000 documents and made it easier for entrepreneurs to enter a new market. You can contact too.

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