Ten years ago, the Customs Union adopted a decree that all products sold in the territory of the Common Economic Space must have an EAC mark. This mark confirms the high quality of goods and their compliance with generally accepted norms.

How products are certified for sale in Russia 

Only goods with the approved production process and technical specifications can receive the EAC mark, and only products that successfully pass these tests will be allowed to be sold on the market. This mark guarantees the high quality of the products. All products are subject to inspection. They are tested according to more than 40 normative documents.

In order for your goods to receive the EAC mark https://mastcert.com/eac-marking/ , they must have a number of necessary documents. This list may vary depending on the type of your products. If you would like to know the list of documents you need, please contact us.

For your convenience and reduced waiting time, you can contact our company. We will help you quickly conduct tests and obtain the required documents. Our experience is a guarantee of successful cooperation. We deal only with accredited laboratories, which carry out tests in the shortest possible time.

What do I need to know about the required certification?

If you need to do certification of products imported into the Single Economic Space, it is better to remove a lot of hassle and leave them in the hands of proven contractors. By entrusting this work to us, you will receive a certificate with test reports on your products. So you can check the authenticity of the declaration or certificate, and you will not have problems with the documents at customs.

The size of the sign, according to GOST, should not be less than 5 mm. However, the factory has the right to choose the size of the mark itself.

  • The identification mark must be applied in such a way that it can be easily recognized
  • It is necessary to apply quality markings so that they do not rub off over time and do not become deformed.
  • The EAC mark must be on every item of merchandise or stated in the documents enclosed on each item of merchandise.
  • The mark must be clear and in the same color.
  • In order to mark the right place, you need to check the TR CU normative documents.
  • This sign must not be overlaid with any markings.

The right to put the EAC marking https://mastcert.com/eac-marking/ on a product gives the Certificate or Declaration of Conformity with the requirements of the TR CU EEU.

For convenient and quick issuance of certificates for imported goods, you can contact us. We will prepare your documents in the shortest possible time.

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