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Amendments to the TR CU 032 on the safety of equipment under overpressure - MASTCERT

The EEC Council adopted amendments to the technical regulation “On the safety of equipment operating under excess pressure” (TR CU 032/2011).

So, from the product scope of the 032 technical regulations are excluded:

  • networks for the supply, distribution and drainage of water with a temperature of 110 ° C or less, as well as delivery pipelines in hydraulic power plants and corresponding equipment parts;
  • heating devices and pipelines in water heating systems of buildings and structures;
  • equipment and elements of equipment for supplying engines with gaseous fuel, specially designed for use on wheeled vehicles;
  • support and suspension systems of pipelines and their elements.

In addition, the requirements for technical documentation for equipment have also undergone changes. Manufacturers will no longer need to develop a justification of safety (JoS) for equipment, since the information contained in the JoS is duplicate in relation to the technical documentation attached to the certifi equipment.