TC 181 amended the state standard for preschoolers’ chairs

Technical Committee for Standardization “Toys and Goods for Childhood” (TC 181) amended GOST 19301.2-2022 “Children’s preschool furniture. Functional dimensions of chairs”.

So, in accordance with the amendments, the height of the upper edge of the backrest above the seat for children with an average height of 1350 mm has been corrected from “no more than 150 mm” to “no more than 250 mm”.

It should be recalled that GOST 19301.2-2022 came into force on January 1, 2023, it was adopted to replace GOST 19301.2-2016. The standard is included in the list of GOSTs to the technical regulation “On the safety of furniture products” (TR CU 025/2012).