Sports equipment included in the Unified List of EAEU Products

The EEC Council decided to include sports equipment and equipment in the Unified List of Products for which mandatory requirements are established within the Customs Union (Decision of the Customs Union Commission No. 526 of January 28, 2011).

The list includes sports and physical education equipment and gear (football gates, futsal, handball, hockey, targets for skeet shooting and sporting), as well as gymnastic equipment and gear (combined asymmetrical/parallel bars, parallel bars, crossbars, gymnastic devices for vaults, balance beams, trampolines, rings, wall bars, lattice ladders, frame structures for climbing, vaulting horse, ropes, gymnastic tables, benches and mats, acrobatic tracks).

Inclusion of these items in the list will make it possible in the future to establish mandatory safety requirements for sports equipment and inventory and include them in the technical regulations of the EAEU, as well as in the relevant national legal acts.