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In 2021, changes are coming in the field of certification, and one of them is the new Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. Well, to be more precise, TR CU 048/2019 was adopted back in August 2019, but this regulation will come into force in September 2021.

What will the “new” technical regulations be about?

TR CU 048/2019 “On the requirements for the energy efficiency of energy-consuming devices” applies to energy-consuming devices which are into circulation on the territory of the Customs Union, according to the list in accordance with Appendix No. 1 to TR CU 048/2019.

These devices include: refrigerators, induction motors, televisions, standby equipment, household washing machines, household dishwashers, set-top boxes, etc.

You can read more about the regulation on our website followed on the link