EAC Certification: How to Certify Your Products


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EAC Certification: How to Certify Your Products for Export to the Customs Union Market

In order to export your products to the Customs Union market, it is essential to comply with the relevant regulations and obtain the necessary certifications. One such certification is the EAC (Eurasian Conformity) certification, which ensures that your products meet the safety and quality requirements of the Customs Union. This article will guide you through the process of certifying your products for export, providing valuable insights into the different types of documents required and the steps involved.

Determining the Document Type.

The type of document you need to obtain for certification depends on the specific parameters of your product and its HS (Harmonized System) code. If your product falls under a mandatory certification category, you will typically require an EAC certificate. However, for products that do not require mandatory certification, you may need to obtain an EAC declaration or other supporting documents. It is important to consult the regulations and guidelines specific to your product category to determine the correct document type.

Certification Process.

The certification process consists of several stages, each of which plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with the Customs Union requirements. Here are the main stages:

  1. Product Testing: Prior to certification, your product will undergo comprehensive testing to assess its conformity with the applicable standards and technical regulations.
  2. Document Preparation: To initiate the certification process, you will need to prepare certain documents, including technical descriptions, specifications, and test reports.
  3. Application Submission: Submit your completed documentation to an accredited certification body, along with the necessary fees.
  4. Factory Audit: Depending on the certification scheme chosen, an auditor may visit your manufacturing facility to assess your production processes and quality management system.
  5. Certificate Issuance: Upon successful completion of the audit and verification of all requirements, you will be issued the EAC certificate or other relevant document.

Required Documents and Certification Schemes.

When applying for EAC certification, you will typically need the following documents:

  • Technical passport or description of the product
  • Test reports from accredited laboratories
  • Quality management system certificates, if applicable
  • Production process descriptions

Additionally, there are various certification schemes available, such as:

  • Certification of a batch of products
  • Certification of a serially produced product
  • Certification of a product sample
  • Certification based on the QMS (Quality Management System)

It is important to carefully select the most suitable scheme based on your product and market requirements.

Estimated Certification Duration.

The duration of certification process can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of your product, the chosen certification scheme, and the certification body’s workload. On average, the process can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months. It is recommended to plan your certification process well in advance to avoid delays in exporting your products to the Customs Union market.

Seek Expert Guidance.

For precise evaluation and guidance throughout certification process, we recommend consulting our team at MASTCERT. Our experts can assist you in verifying the requirements, selecting the appropriate certification scheme, and ensuring a smooth certification process for your products.

Remember, EAC certification is crucial for exporting your products to the Customs Union market. By following the necessary steps and obtaining the required documents, you can ensure compliance with the regulations and gain access to a wide range of opportunities in this market.

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