CE Product and Device Mark

CE Product and Device Mark

Do you plan to sell devices in Europe and the CE mark is needed? Yes, this is indeed a mandatory requirement for the sale of any product in the trading space of European countries. A number of inspections will become the basis for confirming the compliance of the quality and safety of the goods with the standards in force in Europe. You can study the information of interest on the subject of certification and agree on the services of experts on our website.

What do you need to get a marking?

The CE product certification process follows the standard steps. First, you need to collect the regulatory and technical documentation for the products and the constituent about the manufacturer. Then an application is submitted to the appropriate accreditation body and a certification scheme is selected depending on the type of product. The experts check the samples in the laboratory according to the current regulations, in parallel filling out the protocols with the results. In some cases, a production inspection may be necessary. Further, technical test files are prepared, and a certificate is issued. If you want to limit these efforts for yourself only by providing the original documentation and samples, then take advantage of our suggestions. We have been engaged in CE and EAC certification for more than 9 years, we know all the nuances, monitor the relevance of the rules and standards, we have the necessary material and technical base for performing laboratory tests and a team of experienced experts.

The help in issuing a certificate

The certification process is quite lengthy and can take from several months to a year. And if there are errors in the completed documents during the procedure, incorrectly selected test schemes and there are other inaccuracies, then the result in the form of CE marking on your product will have to wait even longer. Save yourself from such risks by cooperating with professionals. We are waiting for you.

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