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TR EAEU 051/2021



TR EAEU 051/2021 “On the safety of poultry meat and products of its processing”
This technical regulation establishes requirements for the safety of poultry slaughter products and products of their processing, released into circulation on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Technical Regulation 051/2021 applies to:

  • products of poultry slaughter and products of their processing: poultry meat, poultry by-products, edible poultry fats, poultry skin, culinary products from poultry meat, etc.;
  • processes of production, storage, transportation and sale and disposal of poultry slaughter products and products of their processing.

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TR EAEU 051/2021 does not apply to:

  • products of poultry slaughter and products of their processing, produced for personal use, not for sale;
  • specialized food products;
  • food products, in which, in accordance with the recipe, the mass of meat products is 50 percent or more, does not exceed the mass of poultry slaughter products;
  • food additives, dietary supplements , feed, products not intended for food purposes;
  • products containing less than 5 percent poultry meat ingredients.

According to regulation 051/2021, specially bred poultry for meat can be used for slaughter and processing. This is stated in part five of TR EAEU 051/2022.

Manufacturers of poultry slaughter products and poultry meat products are obliged to carry out their production processes in such a way that poultry slaughter products and poultry meat products comply with the requirements of this technical regulation and the technical regulations of the Union (Customs Union), which apply to them. Part 6 TR CU 051/2021.

According to TR CU 051/2021, it is not allowed:

  • send for slaughter a bird with a full crop and gastrointestinal tract, as well as a bird with contaminated, wet plumage;
  • send for slaughter unidentified birds that have not passed the pre- slaughter veterinary examination and sick birds suspected of having diseases;
  • send the bird for slaughter within 10 calendar days from the date of the last feeding of fish, fish waste and (or) fish meal. Part 7 TR EAEU 051/2021.

Confirmation of conformity of poultry meat products is carried out in the form of a declaration of conformity according to the scheme 3D, 4D and 6D. The choice of the scheme for declaring products from poultry meat is carried out by the applicant.
The declaration can be issued for up to 5 years.

Documents required for issuing a Declaration of Conformity:

  • Request;
  • Information about the registration of the applicant;
  • Technical documentation, in accordance with which poultry meat products are manufactured;
  • Certificate of quality management system (scheme 6D);
  • Research protocols for poultry products;
  • Research protocols for poultry slaughter products and non- meat ingredients (if available);
  • Delivery agreement (contract) (scheme 4D);
  • Contract with the manufacturer;
  • Other documents that can serve as a basis for confirming the conformity of the quality of poultry products.
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