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TR CU 040/2016 - MASTCERT




Technical regulation 040/2016 applies to fish food products, which are released into circulation on the territory of the Customs Union.

Products covered by TR CU 040/2016 include:
• Fish food products in processed or unprocessed form (live fish, raw fish, fresh and cooked frozen aquatic invertebrates, frozen fish food products, fish culinary products, etc. (a complete list of fish products is presented in Article 1 of TR CU 040 / 2016)
• Processes of production, storage, transportation, sale and disposal of fish food products.

It should be noted that TR CU 040/2016 does not apply to:

• Fish breeding and rearing processes .
• Specialized fish food products.
• Biologically active food supplements made on the basis of fish, aquatic invertebrates.
• Processes of production, storage, transportation and disposal of fish food products of non-industrial production.
• Fish food products that are produced by citizens at home and (or) on personal subsidiary plots.
• Products from amphibians and reptiles.
• Inedible fish products.

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Fish food products must comply with the safety requirements established by Section 5 and Appendices No. 1-6 of TR CU 040/2016 and the requirements of TR CU 021/2011 “On food safety.”

According to the requirements of TR CU 040/2016, fish food products are not allowed to be circulated on the territory of the Union:

• Made from poisonous fish.
• Not corresponding to consumer properties in terms of organoleptic indicators
• Ice cream with a temperature in the thickness of the product above minus 18 degrees.
• Thawed during storage.
• Containing biotoxins ( phycotoxins ) hazardous to human health .

Section 6 of the Technical Regulation 040/2016 specifies the basic requirements for the safety of the production of fish food products.
It should be noted that manufacturers are obliged to store, transport and sell fish food products in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 040/2016, which are specified in Section 8 of this regulation.

According to TR CU 040/2016, confirmation of compliance with the safety requirements of fish food products is carried out in the form of a declaration according to one of three schemes – 3D, 4D or 6D.

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